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 BBQ /pasta/cook-in sauce

Cucumber (between 1/2 to one whole cucumber).
Approx half a small lettuce or pack of salad greens.
A few tomatoes (soft ones are best)
a sprinkle of herbs to taste
salt and pepper to taste.
Sugar to taste.
A tin of tomatoes
A dash of Worcestershire to taste (or any brown sauce).
2 or three cloves of garlic or an onion chopped and browned in a little oil.
an onion,
chilli sauce (use sparingly)
Tomato ketchup
diced peppers or chilli.


Dice cucumber, shred lettuce finely, chop tomatoes and add to a large pan with tinned tomatoes, onions and garlic/ peppers if used.
Gently cook over a low heat. If you have a whole cucumber you should not need to add water as the vegetables will turn to a liquid mixture.
Keep stirring, increase the heat but do not allow to burn. If the consistency seems to be too thick or, is sticking add just a little water but be very sparing as the longer it cooks the more runny it becomes.
Cook until the dish looks soupy, about 30 minutes.
Blitz the mixture quickly, (it should have bits in it and look more like a sauce)
Add herbs, brown sauce, if you want a redder colour and a more tomato taste add ketchup.
If you want a chilli flavour add chilli sparingly.
Return to heat and simmer approx 10 minutes adding salt, pepper and sugar to taste.
If the sauce is too liquid, keep simmering to make a reduction.
To serve. Delicious served with pasta, and meet balls. spaghetti, or burgers.
You can add olives, a few chopped sundried tomatoes, and sprinkled chesse on top, Feta is great, and crusty bread.

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