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 Brussels sprouts with bacon and chestnuts
800grm Brussels sprouts
30grm butter
3tbs soft brown sugar
225grm smoked streaky bacon cut into 1cm strips
200grm cooked peeled chestnuts
1 good slug of sherry
Salt and pepper

Prep your Brussels sprouts for boiling (top tip: please don’t cut a cross in the sprouts, all it does is make the sprout go soggy and water logged) boil for about 5 minutes leaving the sprouts with a bit of bite to them and drain.

In a large frying pan fry off the bacon until browned add the butter and chestnuts and heat through. Now add the sherry and sugar and give a good stir for a couple of minutes on a high heat until you get a nice syrupy liquid, through in the drained sprouts and heat through.

Just before serving season to taste but be careful of how much salt you add as the bacon is very salty.

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