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 Pasta Sauce
One night in the time it took to cook the pasta I made up a sauce.
A red onion, a white onion, chopped and fried in some olive oil, a red pepper and a green pepper chopped and added.
Two carrots peeled, rather than cutting them up or grating I just carried on using the peeler straight into the pan.
Some oregano and black pepper, when all cooking nicely I added a carton of passata (sieved tomatoes) and added a chopped sun dried tomato for a bit of extra flavour. J
ust to make sure I was getting in as much of my Five a day as possible (and because it was there) I added half the packet of baby spinach.
I usually rinse the pasta with cold water (I’m lazy) and then add to the sauce and mix it in to heat it back up!

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