Cossey Produce Home Delivery Fruit & Veg Box Service.

For best value for money, please select one of the Cossey Produce Fresh Fruit and Veg Boxes above. You can also go to the shop page to order additional fresh produce.

Receive your first box free when you pay for your second box and sign up for regular deliveries of one of our set boxes. Your order can be easily changed or cancelled any time after you have received your second box.

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Cossey standard boxes offer the best value for money.

Family Size Veg & Salad Box - Contents£15.00   +Add
Family Size Fruit and Vegetable Box - Contents£17.00   +Add
Extra Large Fruit and Vegetable Box - Contents£21.00   +Add
Standard Fruit and Vegetable Box - Contents£14.90   +Add
Small Fruit & Veg Box - Contents£11.50   +Add
Fruit Only Box - Contents£17.00   +Add
Fruit & Salad Box (No Veg) - Contents£17.00   +Add
Veg Only Box - Contents£17.00   +Add
Veg & Fruit Box (No Salad) - Contents£17.00   +Add
Salad Only Box - Contents£17.00   +Add
Medium Presentation Fruit Basket - Contents£14.00   +Add
Organic Small Fruit & Veg Box - Contents£18.00   +Add
Organic Large Fruit & Veg Box - Contents£25.00   +Add
Fruit Only Box (Basic) - Contents£17.00   +Add