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 Courgette Salad

3 Large Springs of Fresh Mint
½ a Fresh Red Chilli
1 Lemon
200g Baby Courgettes
1 x 125g tub of bocconcini (Baby Mozzeralla balls)


Pick the mint leaves over a chopping board. Add ½ a red chilli. Zest over ½ the lemon, then chop the chilli and mint together until really fine. Spoon into the middle of a serving platter, drizzle over about 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and squeeze in the juice of ½ the lemon. Add a pinch of Salt & Pepper, then taste and adjust the flavours if necessary. Peel the courgettes into ribbons over this dressing. Drain the tub of baby mozzarella, then tip over the courgettes and toss into the dressing.

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