Q. Do I need to be in to receive my deliver?
No, we will deliver to the instruction you supply on the registration page ‘where to deliver if I don’t answer the door’ section. Normally this is something like ‘leave in the shed’ leave at no 22’ or ‘ place behind the side gate’.

Q. How do you offer such a saving compared to the supermarkets greengrocery sections?
A. We use our expertise in produce procurement and we listen to the growers and suppliers to fill the boxes with seasonal favourites when they are at their best quality and value for money.

Q. Can I have items removed and replaced from the standard box?
A. Sorry no, one reason the boxes are such good value is that we bulk pick a large number at a time. You are welcome to add products to a set box using the shop pages or simply pick all your own contents.

Q. Are your fruit and vegetables organic?
A. Not generally, we are fanatical about good quality well grown local produce, we will chose organic produce when it fits our criteria.

Q. What happens if I am unhappy with the quality of one of the items?
A. Just contact us we will do our best to put it right. We offer a money back guarantee on all our produce.

Q. What if I have items left at the end of the week?
A. We offer advice on ‘what to do with your left over’s’ if you still have too much perhaps a fortnightly box or swop to a smaller box.

Q. How do I know what will be in my box?
A. Most of the contents are fixed for the week and are displayed on the website.

Q. How do you know what I want?
A. We fill the boxes with a variety that we feel best fits a families requirements; everyone’s different so we continuously listen to you all.